Overview of the Cooperative

The Cooperative was formed in 1977 to assist local school districts in providing special education services to their students.  The Cooperative is currently serving nine school districts in Southwest Missouri. 

        • Avilla
        • Dadeville
        • Everton
        • Golden City
        • Greenfield
        • Jasper
        • Lamar
        • Liberal
        • Lockwood
Services Offered by the Cooperative include:
  • Early Childhood Special Education
    • Preschool Classrooms
    • Itinerant Services(Academics and Speech)
  • School Psychologist Services
  • School Social Work Services
  • Severe Disabilities Classroom
  • Transition Facilitation


The Cooperative Staff: 

  • Assists districts in the evaluation of students to determine if they have an educational disability
  • Work with district staff to determine the services and supports students need in order to gain educational skills
  • Work with parents to better understand their child's needs and reinforce skills at home and in the community
The Barton, Dade, Japser County Special Education Cooperative has three offices located in our Cooperative School Districts:
Main Office - Lockwood                      Jasper Office                                Lamar office
Phone: (417) 232-4562                     Phone: (417) 394-2220                  Phone: (417) 682-5095
Fax: (417) 232- 4568                         Fax: (417) 394-2405                      Fax: (417) 682-3010
208 East 5th Street                        Jasper R-V School District          Lamar Middle School
PO Box 451                                       201 West Mercer                          202 West 7th Street
Lockwood, MO 65682                     Jasper, MO 64755                         Lamar, MO 64759
Susan Lindskog,
Jan 4, 2012, 12:15 PM